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Meet Dr. Basil Yurcisin

Dr. Basil Yurcisin is a seasoned bariatric and general surgeon, trained at one of the world’s top fellowship programs in bariatrics and minimally invasive surgery- Duke University Medical Center in NC. GSBWC looked for just the right combination of superior surgeon, highly trained (with thousands of surgeries performed before he joined us) and an unwavering, authentic passion and commitment to patients. It took 2 years to find the perfect surgeon …and in August 2010, we had the privilege to have Dr. Yurcisin join GSBWC. He has performed several hundred surgeries to date and is relentless when it comes to ensuring his patients get the top care possible. He interacts with other bariatric surgeons world-wide and is a resource for all of our patients – whether it is for bariatric counseling/support or a patient’s general surgery needs. Born in Buffalo, NY, the eldest of 10 (so patience is a virtue he was born into); he relocated to New Jersey to join the team at GSBWC.

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Dr. Yurcisin Millburn NJ

Compassionate Patient Support

While Dr. Yurcisin’s training is world-class and his experience impeccable, Dr. Yurcisin has a warm and generous bedside manner; a compassion and openness with all of his patients and the ability to support patients with every facet of their medical needs (if he cannot help – he finds someone who can). Dr. Yurcisin takes his role as your medical advocate seriously – and does so with a smile and a sense of humor – a warrior to help you eradicate your medical illnesses with the warmth and compassion of an old friend.

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