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Nutritional Program

Our In-House Nutritional Counseling Program

Surgery is a tool and must be coupled with ongoing lifestyle changes to support immediate and lifelong success and sustain a medically healthy weight. The GSBWC in-house nutritional program provides the counsel, support and expertise needed for pre and post-surgery support. Most insurance companies require nutritional counseling as part of the medical approval for surgery. GSBWC has excellent nutritionists trained in bariatric nutritional counseling and ongoing support. Our nutritionists provide education and support every step of the way.

Bariatric surgery is a life changing experience. Learning new ways to eat and the importance of protein and vitamins is integral to the health of a bariatric patient.


Meeting your protein needs after surgery is very important and will vary depending on the type of weight loss surgery you have planned.

  • Sleeve and Bypass we recommend 50-70 g protein daily
  • DS we recommend 70-90 g protein daily
  • In the first 6 months after surgery most of your protein requirements will be met with liquid protein supplements.



In your nutritional appointments we talk about the importance of vitamins and taking the right kind to meet your weight loss surgery needs.
For a Gastric Bypass or Sleeve Gastrectomy you will need:

  • Bariatric multivitamin with iron
  • Calcium citrate with vitamin D (1200-1500 mg daily)
  • Additional B12 as needed

For BP Duodenal Switch (DS) you will need:

  • Bariatric multivitamin with iron that contains higher quantities of fat-soluble vitamins (ADEK)
  • Calcium citrate with vitamin D (1800-2400 mg daily)
  • Additional B12 as needed

Want to learn more?

Listen to registered dietitian Wynnie Hoodis discuss several bariatric nutrition topics on her podcast Winning Through Losing.

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