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Meet Our Team

You are in the best hands with the staff at Garden State Bariatrics. Our goal is to bring the highest level of service during this life-changing experience.

Bella Baum

Bella Baum

PA-C, Millburn

I have been in the healthcare field for several years and derive great satisfaction in being given the opportunity to make a positive change in people’s lives. I want to make sure all of our patients are comfortable being with me or any member of the team. My style of patient care has been described as laid back, honest and friendly. I think it is important for patients to get 100% of my commitment, care and support every time I see or speak with them. I aim to give each and every patient the quality care and counsel they count on from our office. Seeing patients excited about their progress and the milestones in their improved health and mobility is rewarding! I know it is challenging anytime you start something new and I try to give to our patients what I would want in from a doctor’s office.

Michael Caromano

Michael Caromano

PA-C, Toms River

After working 12 years in primary care, I was given the opportunity to grow as a physician assistant as apart of a unique surgical practice. I was attracted to Garden State Bariatrics by the strong relationships they make with their patients before and long after surgery.

In addition to my responsibilities assisting each surgeon, I look forward to extending a helping hand to navigate each patient through the process by clearly explaining what is ahead while answering any question they may have along the way.

My goal is to make everyone’s life easier while doing my part to improve the quality of it.

I am truly excited each time I encounter a new patient as I understand that such decisions in life may benefit from someone who is enthusiastic about the transformation as I am.

I also look forward to seeing and meeting patients who have been with the practice for years as they provide valuable insight which I can pass along to others and possibly help when there is a need.

Finally, my background includes a degree in Exercise science and I will be readily available to develop tips tailored to your abilities to initiate or increase physical activity which will improve and maximize your performance.


Karla Hamal

Registered Dietitian, Millburn

Bio coming soon!


Anna Iyengar

Registered Dietitian, Toms River

Anna has been making a difference for almost 20 years in her chosen field of nutrition and dietary counseling. Since earning her Masters from Indiana State University (MS RD) she has contributed to the health and well-being of thousands of patients. In mid-August 2010, Anna joined GSBWC and supports our South Jersey patients as our South Jersey RD for the patients. Her quiet demeanor, commitment to her patients and depth of knowledge in her field, give each patient the guidance needed to transform their nutritional behaviors and enjoy healthy food again.


Keisha Smith

Customer Service Coordinator, Millburn

Diabetes is one of the most life threatening illnesses associated with obesity. Patients may not suffer from diabetes, but may suffer from simple movement or trouble breathing. Knowing that our patients have a chance of improving their quality of life is incredible to me. We had a patient share their story of losing 100 lbs and just recently ran a 5k! That is truly amazing and what I love about our patients!

Five-star service is at the core of everything we do and our team strives to get it ‘right’ the 1st time. When a patient reclaims their health, trusts us by referring their friends and family or celebrates making Century Club here at GSBWC – I know we are delivering on our 5-star mission.


Sharon Reed

Customer Service Coordinator, Millburn

What I like most about working with bariatric patients is the way they are learning to love life and themselves again. The smile on their face when they realize there is a shining star, just for them, at the end of all of their accomplishments. When I interact with the patients, I like to make them feel as if they have known me forever, like a trusted friend. Once I see them smile back, I know I too have a friend. Most patients love my personality and my smile. I like making people feel at home – no matter the circumstance. My best quality is my patience. I am a great listener; I want to hear about their success stories and how I can help.


Jessica Zamot

Customer Service Coordinator, Toms River

What I love most about my position is helping people with the first step to bariatric surgery …. walking thru the front door! I understand how difficult that decision can be as I am a patient of the practice as well. Having bariatric surgery completely changed my LIFE and I LOVE watching other patients go thru the same transformation. I love watching our patients feel confident again, not having to take any medication for high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. My goal is to make sure that everyone who is considering surgery feels like a human being and not a failure. I want them to know that regaining your health is what is most important.


Brandy Fortes

Customer Service Coordinator, Toms River

I have always worked in customer service, but working with bariatric patients has been the most rewarding to me. To see people overcome obesity and get that second chance at life brings me such joy. And not to mention I love seeing our patients LOVE themselves again. One of my goals is making our patients comfortable with us and our lovely doctors so that we can give the best personalized care to each and every patient.


Dominga Thompson

Surgical Coordinator, Millburn

I think my best quality is I am open minded, flexible, accommodating and very supportive. When you deal with bariatric patients, some are scared, some took years to even make an appointment. When you have patients committed to a life change, you want to make everything as smooth as possible and be there for them every step of the way. Patients tell me that I am their friend and there is an unexplainable joy I get from that. Seeing patients reach their goal is what I want for all our patients!


Julie Mulch

Surgical Coordinator, Toms River

What I like most about working with our bariatric patients is seeing the excitement they have at the chance of a new, healthy life – free from many of their health issues. I think what our patients like best about me and what comes through with my work with all of our patients is my compassion and true desire to make them feel special. They are part of our family at GSBWC – not just a number.


Allison Lorenzo

Billing Team

At GSBWC we genuinely care for and respect all of our patients. We are all team players who want to get the job done efficiently, and most importantly professionally. Our goal is to offer five-star health care.


Denise Ortega

Billing Team

Bio coming soon!


Kelley Fairbairn

Practice Manager

Kelley has spent her life in customer service. After 15 years in Manhattan as a client services manager with Goldman Sachs and Cravath, Swaine & Moore, LLC., Kelley moved her family to New Jersey and began her new role as Practice Manager at Garden State Bariatrics. Although she is new to the medical field, her experience with teams that deliver premium customer service is a perfect match with Garden State Bariatrics.

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