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Before my surgery I hated looking in the mirror. I hated pictures of myself. I hated going to events. I was constantly at the doctor for my diabetes, my sugars were uncontrollable. I was on 3 different medications for it including insulin. I was always so, so tired. Just walking in the mall would exhaust me. My hips would hurt, my back would be killing me. My feet and hands always swelled, my circulation was awful. My gums and teeth were a wreck from the uncontrollable sugars. I spent 10,000 last year on dental work and I am still not done. My confidence was a zero. My sex drive was nothing. I was absolutely uncomfortable in my own skin. 


I started considering it in 2018 and then 3 weeks before the surgery, after most clearances were done, I got scared and backed out. Then I shelved it for awhile until one day last spring I decided to call for a consultation. The first place I called (a friend referred me) told me I wasn’t heavy enough for a consult (bmi of 36) and wouldn’t even schedule one for me. 


Then, I found Garden State Bariatrics and Dr. Bilof and Dr. Yurcisin. From the first phone call I felt comfortable and it was the best decision of my life. 


The whole team at GSB is great, from Jessica and Brandy at the desk, to Michael, the PA, Anna the dietician, Julie the coordinator, everyone was amazing. Friendly, efficient. I cannot say enough good things about the support staff. I manage an Ophthalmology practice and I would be honored to work with staff like the staff at GSB. 


I am now down to a bmi of 21 in 7 short months from duodenal switch. I can go to amusement parks, go swimming comfortably, shop, walk, run, go to the gym. I am present for my children and their events. I take my dogs on walks..I can do anything. Food doesn’t control my life anymore. I do.

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