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The Best Diet

Did I get your attention with my little teaser about the “Best” diet? Spoiler alert there really is no “best” diet for everyone. On the other hand, there is likely a best diet for you. What are the clues that what you are doing is really optimum for you? First off, we must acknowledge that diet is a loaded term, mostly because virtually everyone who has struggled with their weight has been on one and for most people the experience is frustrating. Instead of the word ‘diet’ let’s use the term ‘nutritional strategy’ or perhaps ‘eating plan’. There are only
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What if there were a pill?

Imagine if there were a pill that eliminated diabetes for half (or two thirds) of all diabetics. What if there were a pill that cured 90% of all the patients who have sleep apnea? If you have high blood pressure, would you want a pill that cured your high blood pressure (not just treated high blood pressure but cured it) 40-50% of the time? What if you could dramatically reduce your lifetime risk of developing cancer by taking a pill? Would you be interested in that? Imagine for a moment that one pill could do all those things! If such
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Weight Loss Resolutions

Weight loss resolutions fail. Here’s why. If losing weight is your New Year’s resolution for yet another year, you may want to consider an alternative to relying solely on diet and exercise to reach your goal weight. The low success rate from diet and exercise alone typically has nothing to do with a lack of willpower. Rather, it’s a simple fact of human biology. In 2013, the American Medical Association recognized that obesity is a chronic, progressive disease resulting from a combination of strong genetic factors and environmental factors, just like any other disease. One of the most effective ways
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Nutritional Needs After Bariatric Surgery

One’s diet changes after bariatric surgery. Getting enough nutrients to retain muscle and meet the needs of overall health is challenging for many patients. Post-surgical nutrition counseling steers individuals in the right direction. Wynnie Hoodis, registered dietician, breaks down the importance of protein and vitamins after surgery. Protein for Optimal Function Protein is important for muscle and tissue repair, hormone production, body chemicals and immune function. It helps bariatric patients maintain lean muscle mass as they lose weight. Without enough protein, healing takes longer and hair loss can occur. The trick is to not overdo protein consumption. After surgery, protein
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Navigating the Grocery Store: Healthful Shopping

Losing and maintaining weight requires mindful nutrition. Learning how to shop for nutrient-rich foods will keep your diet on track, and knowing how to read food labels means you can better manage what you eat. Wynnie Hoodis, registered dietician, shares her best grocery shopping trips. Map Your Shopping Path The first key to a successful shopping trip is having a list. Hoodis suggests jotting down what you want to buy for the week, detailing any needed ingredients for recipes you’re hoping to try. “You want to go with a list because the more you stick to that list, the less
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Is Weight Loss Surgery for You?

Weight loss is a challenge many individuals struggle to overcome. Some individuals simply are not able to implement the right amount of exercise and healthy eating to shed unnecessary pounds. In those cases, weight loss surgery may be an option. Dr. Michael Bilof, a general surgeon specializing in bariatric surgery and founder of Garden State Bariatrics and Wellness, describes approaching this decision from both a medical perspective and a goal-orientated one. “From a purely medical perspective, we look at body mass index, or BMI,” he notes. “Whether or not it’s truly right for you depends on what your goals are
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Duodenal Switch Surgery: Is It Right for You?

Carrying excess weight strains your overall health. Comorbidities connected to obesity include diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and stroke. However, losing the amount of weight necessary to improve your health may require a physician’s help. If obesity drastically impedes everyday life or becomes a severe health threat, you may actually require surgery. Duodenal Switch (DS) Surgery “The duodenal switch is a bariatric operation — a surgery that’s really the most effective of the surgeries we have for weight loss—both in terms of the amount of weight patients can lose and also in terms of resolving or improving the comorbidities,” says Dr.
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Bariatric Nutrition: Charting a Healthy Course

Critical to the success of a bariatric procedure is how patients manage their nutrition going forward. Registered dietitians at Garden State Bariatrics and Wellness Center help patients who have undergone bariatric surgery plan their diets for optimal results. “I focus on the diet plan. We have general guidelines, but I do try to personalize it,” she explains. Just as procedures differ, and patients have particular needs, a bariatric nutrition plan that’s individualized garners great outcomes. General Guidelines Some aspects of bariatric nutrition are a given. Depending on the type of bariatric surgery, meal portions will be much smaller. Since patients
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