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Exercise, the Best Medicine

March 23, 2023 | Bilof's Corner

Exercise, the Best Medicine

By Dr. Michael Bilof

If exercise were an actual ‘medicine’ it would probably be the best medicine for longevity that we have. First off, let’s start with the simple premise that the human body was designed for motion—NOT to sit in a chair staring at a screen all day. Given that modern life has so little physical activity baked into it, we have to generate that motion and activity… that’s ‘exercise’.

Walking is a basic (and very effective!) form of exercise. Thirty to 60 minutes of walking several times/week, preferably outside, is wonderful for physical and mental health. Whether you are hiking in a park, walking on a beach, doing ‘silver sneakers’ at the local mall or using a treadmill, there really is no downside.

But, as I have discussed with many of you in the office, muscle mass and strength are important as well. Think of it this way: do you know any 70 or 80 year olds who say “I wish I wasn’t so strong”? Neither do I! If you are fortunate enough to make it to your 7th or 8th decade of life you are going to want to be as strong as possible and that means starting today. By the way, this is just as important for the ladies as the gentlemen.

I understand ‘building muscle mass’ sounds like something you have to go to a gym for, or you may think it requires spending money on expensive equipment or trainers—not so! Of course, there is nothing wrong with going to a gym but it’s not necessary, particularly to get started.

So, to actually show what I am talking about I’m going to do a series of videos. These will typically be 3-5 minutes long and demonstrate an exercise you can do at home (with no special equipment) that can effectively help you to build strength and muscle mass. I will be releasing them on our Garden State Bariatrics YouTube channel every week or so over the next several months.

Watch the first exercise video below!

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