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I’ve struggled with weight my entire life. I was always the heavier one in the group and no one quite understood what it was like to always be “too heavy “to fit comfortably in that seat or on the airplane. I tried to be as active as I could as a kid, but it was always an ongoing struggle. As an adult, the weight started to have a negative impact on my knees, my spine, I had sleep apnea, and overall made everything harder.


I had Lapband surgery about 12 years ago and the lap slipped twice. I only lost about 40 pounds total and overall went through a lot. I never thought I would consider weight loss surgery again after that until post Covid wait. I was at my heaviest and I knew that I had to do something and considered all options.


From the moment I placed my very first call to Garden Bariatrics I felt like I had made the right choice. Jessica picked up the phone and instantly made me feel like I was in good hands. Every doctor, nutritionist, and staff member that I spoke with only reaffirmed that I was in the right place and making the right decision to change things around for myself. I cannot say enough about this company and staff and how comfortable you feel throughout your journey. To this day, it’s the one doctors appointment that I most look forward to.


My life now has significantly improved. Each and every day I wake up with such a sense of gratitude and appreciation for everything throughout my day. For the first time ever, getting dressed and going shopping is not only enjoyable, but makes me sort of giddy because of the different options that I have, and how it makes me feel. I take the time to care for myself and that’s so new to me but, it feels wonderful. I just feel like each day is full of sunshine now that I’m comfortable in my own skin. I enjoy walking and doing things around the house and just going out and being seen. Most of all I am so grateful for how complete I feel inside. I sit more comfortably on the couch and can physically do so much more. It’s an incredible feeling!

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