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I didn’t have any glaring health issues, prior to weight loss surgery I was always tired. I would lie to friends and family to avoid doing active activities because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep up. I was gaining new aches and pains by the day and things like getting out of bed or standing from the couch were becoming more and more difficult. I hated going out in social settings because I hated how I looked and I would dread anything that involved photos being taken because I would always hate how they came out.


I had considered weight loss surgery for maybe a year or two before pulling the trigger. After my initial consultation and research it just all made sense for me.


The Garden State team is AMAZING! Everyone is so friendly. Dr. Yurcisin and Michael always gave me time to ask questions and always responded in a simple but thorough way so that I understood everything. Even after surgery the support I have is unbelievable.


I love being able to just live my life how I want to. I’m not limited in what I can or can’t do anymore. I am more mindful of how my decisions impact my long term goals for health and wellness and I feel like I just make better choices all around now.

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