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I finally decided I had to do something when I could no longer enjoy doing the things I loved. I like to hike and when I had to start looking for easy trails or couldn’t join my friends on difficult hikes because I couldn’t keep up or catch my breath I knew I had to do something. I was a track runner and weightlifter when I was younger and life, work and stress packed on the pounds over the years. I did every fad diet out there and my weight did the yoyo up and down for years.


Then as an ICU Nurse working through covid with no sleep double shifts, and terrible diet I gained and weighed my highest. I refused to weigh myself because I was scared to see the number in the scale. I was getting ready for work one morning and I noticed I was out of breath putting on my shoes! That day on my lunch break I researched diets and procedures for weight loss. I decided enough was enough and the reality hit me that day when I stepped on the scale and saw 349 lbs!!!!! I told myself there was no way I was going to let myself weigh 350lbs. I reached out to Garden State Bariatrics after reviewing their website because I knew i needed help and I was not going to be able to do this without them. I needed guidance and help. I went and had physical for full work up of my overall health and was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and PCOS. I see the effects of diabetes on the body and ones health and that was another push for me to make a change and to do as soon as possible!


I thought about it over the years on and off as I did one diet after another all ending in failure. What finally made me go for it was my first appointment and everyone at Garden State Bariatrics that answered my questions and left me with no doubts. They made the process so easy and less intimidating.


I LOVE this team! I was terrified going into my first appointment and from the moment I met the team I was set at ease and felt very comfortable. I wasn’t embarrassed to answer their questions. I felt like I mattered to them and they really listened to what I had to say.


After surgery I am active everyday! I feel good not tired. I weightlifting, hike, I even picked up playing tennis. I have a renewed sense of energy and I can physically be active and the shortness of breath I get now isn’t from just putting on my shoes. I get out of breath hiking up the huge hill to the top of the waterfall, because I’m running sprints on the elliptical, or hitting the tennis ball and it feels good!

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