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My weight stopped me from doing a lot. From being so heavy my knees would hurt so I wasn’t able to do many activities like long walks or even going to music concerts. It was so painful, it would make me so mad that I would just avoid doing things. I started off with type 1 diabetes and was reckless and got type 2 diabetes, and got my blood sugar up really high that put me in ICU for 5 days almost putting my self in a diabetic coma and giving myself Pancreatitis and I was in the hospital for a total of 9 days


I considered it when I was at my heaviest weight of 400lbs. At that time I met with the Dr. Yurcisin and went over it and we had things setup to have the dual switch done. A few days before my surgery, my insurance said they were not going to cover it so the surgery never happened. A few years went by and I tried so hard to lose weight myself and I went in to a depression because it was so hard. I still fought and was able to lose weight, then out of nowhere my job changed my insurance and I was able to get the surgery done


The team at Garden State Bariatric was awesome! Mike and Dr. Yurcisin were great along with the office team.


My life now is great after losing the weight, I make it a point to stay as positive as I can. I feel great! I enjoy working out. I’ve been traveling trying to live my best life I feel great and look amazing

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