Revolutionary Treatment

Amazing Breakthrough! Scientists have discovered a revolutionary new treatment. It makes you live longer, look younger and feel better. It decreases your risk of heart disease, cancer, and dementia. It improves immune function and helps ward off colds and the flu. What would you think if you saw that ad? Are you interested? Well, the breakthrough has already been discovered and it is called 8 hours of sleep every night! If you do even the slightest amount of research about promoting longevity you will quickly realize that adequate sleep is an absolute cornerstone for living long and healthy. I used
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We Are Here to Support You

Let’s face it…90% of what’s online is really not worth your time…but every once in awhile you find that gem. It kind of makes you think, “Yeah, those hours I spend online (or is it "waste", I’m never really quite sure?) every week are really worth it”. Well, I think I found the gem for this week. "The only limitation is you" When I watched it, I was astounded and frankly, humbled. It is simply amazing what people can accomplish! It put me in touch with something I have realized before (but it’s always good to be reminded!) that most
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COVID-19 & Obesity

Several Studies Show Obesity Increases the Risk of COVID-19 Over 107 million American adults are considered obese, and several recent studies have listed obesity as a risk factor for COVID-19. When many medical procedures were put temporarily on the backburner due to the coronavirus pandemic, the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) fought hard to keep bariatric surgery on the table, citing it as a necessary treatment. According to ASMBS experts, bariatric surgery should be considered a medically necessary time-sensitive surgery instead of an elective surgery. Those with severe obesity are not only more at risk for COVID-19,
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